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The biggest ecological disaster in Brazil, at the expense of the planet, is scientifically perpetrated: the destruction of the world’s lung, the Amazon forest. An infamous policy underway is to extract timber and exploit, without restraint, the great geological resources of this uncontaminated region. Taking a cue from this scenario the author weaves a dense plot, which allows us to experience an invented, but realistic, story of another, autonomous and native, human race. An anthropological novel on survival, on opposed human bestiality, a novel sometimes raw, exciting and with a strong cinematographic edge.

This is the full version of the lucky novel, without the cuts or the censorship of the first edition for which it obtained:

Honorable mention at the Maria Cumani Quasimodo International Award IV Edition 2020
Honorable mention at the 7th edition of the “Le Ragunanze” International Award 2020